Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9th Anniversary and a Story

Two days ago marked the 9th Anniversary of Jed's death. Can any of you believe that much time has gone by? In one sense it seems like a lifetime, but in another, like yesterday.

There is very much still an ache in our hearts from having to be separated from him, but God is good.

I was thinking about what to say in this post and remembered this story...

   One Sunday at church, the children had gathered for their time of singing before Sunday school classes started. Jed was in there along with all the others, as well as a very special woman named Rose, who was Jed's teacher.
   Rose looked over at Jed at one point and realized he was crying. So she took him out of the room to see what was the matter. She asked him if he was uncomfortable or in pain, he said no. She then asked if it was the song they had been singing. (I believe that question was prompted by the Holy Spirit) He said yes. The song they had been singing was "God Answers Prayer". She then asked him if he felt like God didn't answer his prayers. He said yes.
   Rose then went on to explain that God does answer prayer, but that a lot of times He doesn't say "Yes". Sometimes He has to say "No" or "Wait".
   We appreciated so much how Rose first saw that Jed needed to talk and then she took his concerns seriously and took time to help him understand. I think that conversation had quite an affect on Jed through the rest of his life.

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