Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday Jed!

Well, here it is, another birthday for Jed. He loved his birthday parties. His favorite people gathered 'round, cake and goodies to eat, and presents to be opened. (he loved to tear paper!)

These are pictures from Jed's 13th birthday, the last one in Florida. The guests were Ema and Epa (my dad's parents, Lonnie and JoAnne (next door neighbors), Peggy and Karen (mom's sisters) and Jamie (Jed's crazy friend and co-adventurer).

 Lonnie always cracked Jed up!

 He was a funny man!

 Epa and Jed. I don't think Jed could stop grinning!

Jamie got Jed some sunglasses...I think he liked them : )

Loved pulling off the bows!

Lonnie and JoAnne brought the cake. Chocolate, Jed's favorite, and garnet and gold for the FSU Seminoles.

It was such a fun time...we will all be so happy when we can celebrate with him again one day!


  1. Thank you for sharing these, Sunny! Such sweet memories for your family...

  2. What sweet memories! You have helped us to "meet" Jed. THANK YOU!!!! love you guys.............cb